TICA Europe South

The International Cat Association is the second most important association and the widest genetic register all over the world.

TICA is a non profit American association, which head office is located in Harlingen - Texas - Founded by Georgia Morgan and Larry Paul, it's President is now Vickie Fischer. Seconded by the Vice President Bobbie Tullo and the Board which gathers all regional directors.

TICA counts about 8.000 members all over the world. Each of them are connected with the breed committee of their breed. World is divided in Regions which are managed by a Regional Director:

Our Region is Southern Europe which includes Albania, Austria, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Channel Islands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey.

Our Regional Director is Genevieve Basquine. Each three years, President, Vice President are elected by all Tica members and Regional Directors are elected by their regional members.

Three times a year, all of them are called together at the Winter meeting (3rd weekend of Jannuary), the Spring meeting (3rd weekend of May) and at the Annual (usualy end of August or Begining of September preceding the Labor Day).

During these 3 day meeting the Board works on rules, judging program and i.e TICA offers very detailed standards about each breed. These standards are proposed by the elected Breed Committee, submitted to all members of that breed for a vote, submitted to the Genetic Committee and to the Committee of terminology then the Board is called to appreciate if all procedures were respected and to vote the considered modification.

TICA has a pool of judges, directed by Marylou Anderson. All of them have to get refreshing tests each year, in order to be re-licensed, and have to get exams to be up graduated.

TICA awards the Winners of the Year, at the Annual, and Regions award their winners during Regional Awards. The list is established by the Executive Office in US and sent to the regional directors at the end of the season.

Please note:

The official TICA pedigrees are only issued from the Executive Office at Harlingen - Texas. No club is allowed to issue official TICA pedigrees and use the TICA Logo on the pedigree!

Seul l'executive Office de la TICA à Harlingen - Texas délivre des pedigrees TICA officiels. Aucun autre club n'est habilité à délivrer des pédigrees TICA officiel!

Ein offizieller TICA Stammbaum wird NUR vom Executive Office in Harlingen - Texas ausgestellt. Keinem Club ist es erlaubt, offizielle TICA Stammbäume unter Verwendung des TICA Logos - auszustellen!